Pure Honey For Sale

Bee in flightOur organic honey is harvested from chemical-free bees who feed on local wildflowers in rural Truro on outer Cape Cod. We bottle pure, unadulterated, natural wild flower honey, the way nature intended with all the natural antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins preserved. Our honey is not heated and handled just enough to get it out of the comb, strained to remove any wax, and put in a bottle.

Honey jarWe bottle our natural honey in both 1 pound and ½ pound glass jars.

We also produce creamed honey in a 10 ounce jar. Creamed honey is also known as whipped honey, set honey or honey butter. It has a texture similar to peanut butter, and is great for spreading on toast, english muffins, and bagels.

  1 lb. natural honey in glass jar
    $11.95 plus S&H
  ½ lb. natural honey in glass jar
$7.95 plus S&H
  10 oz. creamed honey in glass jar
$9.95 plus S&H

To place your order, contact us with the quantity desired and your address.
Thank you to all our devoted customers and friends who have supported us this year.