Corn Hill Beach


Just a short few minutes' walk to Corn Hill Beach.

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Beach Path

Corn Hill Beach, a secluded and peaceful beach on the bay side of Truro, is long and narrow and lies beside many grassy sand dunes.

There are several foot paths through the dunes to the beach itself.


The prevailing summer wind comes from the southwest, which comes over
the water and onto the beach, giving it a gentle onshore breeze most of the summer.


Corn Hill Beach is several thousand feet long stretch of sand, ideal for family outings, and quiet spots to relax and read.

With shallow depths, the calm water at Corn Hill Beach often is warmer than at other area beaches, making swimming is a popular pastime in its warm Cape Cod Bay water.


And a pleasant walk exploring for and collecting seashells and pebbles.


Or flying a kite.


A beach fire permit can be obtained at the fire department for evening cookouts or bonfires, after the sunset.


Corn Hill, the historic location where the Pilgrims found a cache of Indian corn which fed them through their first winter, is nearby.


Corn Hill as painted by Edward Hopper in 1930.